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Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. A mi tampoco me funciona, tengo MacOS sierra y la ultima actualizacion de skype.

Cómo compartir sonido por Skype

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Busquen alguna alternativa. Genial pero con mucho malware. Genial, para los que tienen varias cuentas de redes sociales. What do you think about Multi Skype Launcher? Do you recommend it? Facebook for Windows 10 La app oficial de Facebook para Windows Instalar Skype Empresarial: Install Skype for Business: Instructions for how to download the app from the Office portal, and install it on your PC or Mac.

Implementar el Skype para cliente empresarial en Office Deploy the Skype for Business client in Office Instructions for deploying the app in a large enterprise. Turn on or off mobile phone notifications: When you have Skype for Business installed on a mobile device, you and others in your business can receive alerts about incoming and missed instant messages. First, test whether you and others in your business can Video: Sign in and out of Skype for Business.

Check that you can IM each other, see each other's presence, and try a quick meeting.

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Siga este procedimiento: Do the following: Need help signing in to Skype for Business? Contact support for business products - Admin Help. We're here to help! Before setting up more features, make sure you have licenses for them. Sometimes people in your organization will need to use a phone to call into a meeting. Skype for Business includes the Audio Conferencing feature for just this situation!

People can call into Skype for Business meetings using a phone, instead of using the Skype for Business app on a mobile device or PC. Las llamadas a otros usuarios de Skype Empresarial de su empresa son gratuitas y los empleados pueden recibir correos de voz de otros empleados u otros usuarios externos.

The Phone System feature in Office gives you a phone system for your business.

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Calls to other Skype for Business people in your organization are free, and your employees can receive voicemail from each other and outside callers. Here's what you get with Phone System.

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En caso de emergencia, pueden llamar al para obtener ayuda. When you add the Calling Plan service, your employees get a primary phone number in Skype for Business. They can make and receive phone calls outside of your business. And, in case of emergencies, they can call for help. For step-by-step setup instructions, see Set up Calling Plans.

Skype Meeting Broadcast is a feature that lets you produce, host, and broadcast meetings with up to 10, attendees.

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To learn more about how it works, see What is a Skype Meeting Broadcast? Here's an overview of the steps to set up Skype Meeting Broadcast: Asignar o cancelar licencia para Office para empresas: Assign or remove licenses for Office for business: Enable Skype Meeting Broadcast: By default, this feature isn't enabled. After you turn it on, your users will be able to host broadcast meetings with other people in your organization. Set up your network for Skype Meeting Broadcast: If you want to host webinars and other broadcasts with attendees outside of your organization, you need to configure your network.